Saturday, July 23, 2005

Peace Events Aug.6--9 in Ashland, Oregon

Peace House and the newly formed local chapter of Women's International League for Peace and Freedom will be sponsoring the 24 hour 3 day remembrance of Hiroshima and Nagasaki to honor the victims of all war and educate ourselves about nuclear issues on the Plaza of downtown Ashland beginning at 8:16 August 6 through 11:02 August 9.

The event is in solidarity with the Abolition 2000 Mayor for Peace Emergency Campaign To Ban Nuclear Weapons. The City of Ashland, as a Nuclear Free Zone since 1981, is a member of the Mayor for Peace Campaign. A proclamation supporting global nuclear disarmament was sent by the City of Ashland to the Nuclear Proliferation Treaty Review Conference that took place in May.

Simultaneous events will happen all around the world, including the display of 270,000 Jizos, traditional Japanese handmade representations of spirits, for every man woman and child killed by the 1945 US bombs, Little Boy and Fat Man. The Ashland Zen center has sent hundreds of Jizos from Southern Oregon to Hiroshima and Nagasaki. A panel of Jizos will be on display at the Ashland vigil.

The vigil is an opportunity to dialog with the community and reflect upon how we choose to respond to the critical challenges of nuclear pollution and weaponry as well as corporate war profits.

The vigil will begin at 8:16 am on Saturday, August 6th, the moment the bomb fell on Hiroshima. At 8:16 am local churches will ring their bells and musicians will join the Mayor of Ashland on the plaza to light the Hiroshima flame. The opening ceremony will proceed to the lawn of Lithia Park. In the park, the Mayor will read the proclamation for a nuclear free future.

Ashland Taiko, directed by Pam Vellutini, will perform a song to begin the 3 day, 24-hour vigil on the plaza. Taiko is the art of Japanese drumming to bring together community.

Children will be provided art supplies to create a vision of the peaceful world they want for display. Information will be available about nuclear issues such as the current use of depleted uranium, nuclear proliferation, new nuclear weapons, weapons in space, nuclear pollution, safety, the licensing of new nuclear power plants, storage and transportation issues. Petitions and postcards will be available at the vigil to sign and support a nuclear free future.

The Peace Choir will perform on the Plaza at 6:30 Sunday evening August 7.

The vigil will end with a closing ceremony extinguishing the flame on August 9 at the moment when Fat Man exploded in Nagasaki. Local churches will again ring their bells at 11:02 am. Performers will join us in the closing. Please attend and show your support for justice and peace. For more information on the national campaign, see

For more information on the local vigil contact Linda at 541-488-1230. To sign up for a two-hour vigil slot after July 15, call Mary Lou Lucas 541-482-4266 or sign up on line after July 25th at the vigil website,


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