Saturday, April 23, 2005

Peace in our World

This panel and more (see the "Australia" set) came from Warringah Council in New South Wales, Australia. Angie Kahler writes

On behalf of Warringah Council and the Warringah Community, I would like to thank you and Great Vow Monastery for originating and running the Jizos for Peace project.

Warringah Council is a local government municipality on Sydney's northern beaches. In August 1995 Warringah Council and members of the community established a Peace Park at Oxford Falls. A community event is held every year to mark the anniversary of the park's founding.

In 2004 we were happy to learn of the Jizos for Peace Project and incorporate it into the Ninth Anniversary of the Oxford Falls Peace Park Ceremony on Saturday August 14. The ceremony included speeches and multicultural performances from
aboriginal to Tibetan. Mr. Paul Couvret, a survivor of the atomic blast in Nagasaki and initial founder of the Oxford Falls Peace Park, was the Master of Ceremonies. A group of Japanese high school students from Warringah's Sister City, Chichibu, were in attendance and the event was open to the public.

Everyone was invited to create their own Jizos for Peace flag. People were very enthusiastic and appreciated the chance to be involved in such a large and worthwhile endeavour.


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